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  • What are excess weight charges?

    Currently, the waste industry is charging customers extra each month whenever their bins are overfilled and deemed too heavy. 
    But, we think this is really unfair on business owners. It’s very difficult to determine whether your bin is going to be overweight and so these excess fees can be very unexpected and hard to budget for. That’s why we’ve got rid and charge a simple, fixed price each month for all our waste services.

  • What makes your customer service stand out?

    We aim to provide a world class customer experience for any business that uses our services. Our team are trained to put the customer first and deliver results on time with clear and friendly communication everytime. Our motto is ‘EverythingManaged, problem solved.’ Got an issue with your service? Tell us, we’ll solve it.

  • Why choose EverythingManaged?

    In addition to our fixed billed, high-quality service, and exceptional customer support… We have over 11 years of experience helping small businesses across the UK, we have over 20,000 loyal and happy customers, and we’re rated an industry-leading 4.5 stars on Trust Pilot.

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If you want to take control of your commercial waste, head to our WasteManaged website by clicking the ‘Waste’ button below. Similarly, if you want to take charge of your card processing, head to our PaymentsManaged website by clicking the ‘Payments’ button below.

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